Mission Visions – Making a living… Living!

God bless you and thank you for taking the time to consider helping our Mission Visions ministry and helping yourself at the same time!

This is our special invitation directly to you!

Would you like to help others?
Are you interested in travel, or already travel often?
Would you like access to the best travel deals?
Would you like to go on wonderful dream trips or possibly missions (and save money)?
Would you like access to outstanding online shopping, entertainment and restaurant discounts?
Would you like to create an opportunity to help yourself make a living doing this and help others do this as well?
Would you like to have your own business?
Can you use the expense benefits of owning your own business and the revenue stream?

If you answered yes to any of these questions and have a passion to succeed, then we want you on our team! Indeed, all of this is possible and I can personally show you how, Today!

His Message for You Ministry is partnered with WorldVentures DreamTripsLife and Rovia Travel to help others make a living…. Living!

We are helping people around the world schedule mission trips, dream trips, travel and vacations at wholesale discounted prices. As well, when you join us, you can create your own travel business and be able to purchase your personal travel and vacations at these same wholesale prices!

You will also enjoy all the benefits of building your own business and receive significant online shopping discounts at top retail stores, entertainment venues and restaurants across the globe.

We have created this business within our ministry to help others and to fund our mission programs. Yes, this is a business for us and we are overwhelmed with the opportunity and speed of it’s success!

Through our business, we invite you to create your own opportunity! You can enjoy a lifestyle of travel and helping others by creating a business that has virtually little to no start up expense and provides a wonderful revenue stream for you and all those you help!

His Message for You and our Mission Visions Ministry will also benefit by the opportunities and businesses we create together!!

We have a heart to serve and hope you will join us to help others, to help yourself and to support our ministry! We are available to answer any questions you have to start making a living… Living, now!

Plesae send us an email at missionvisionsdreamtripslife@gmail.com. We pray you will join us today!

Only looking for the best travel deals? Select “Shop for Travel” here.

Check out our Facebook site!

Father, we know You bless us with opportunity and prosperity when we stay in faith. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to help others, help ourselves, and help this ministry.

In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen

~ Pastor Mike

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