Our Thanks!!

I asked and received His Message for You

It has been in the works for awhile. An online site that easily explains how you can consider a better way of life. Yes, you can choose yourself to improve your circumstances, live with prosperity, happiness, joy and health. Provide a better life for your family and all those close to you.

His Message for You is available now !

Thank you to everyone that supports and contributes to this service: My God, my wife and family, my friends and many wonderful Christians.

This ministry is dedicated to our son and Angel Michael Ryan who was with us for all but a moment, but Blessed us forever.

Also to my brother in Spirit Malachi Sanchez. Malachi was a special person, inspired by God he was kind, caring and generous. In his final years he desired to become a minister, but our Lord called him home. Mal and I shared many discussions on starting a ministry and he inspired me on my journey to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Malachi 2-7 “For the lips of a priest ought to preserve knowledge, and from his mouth men should seek instruction—because he is the messenger of the LORD Almighty.”

Father in Heaven, I know my Brother Malachi is with you and he and his generations are blessed for his faith in You and his faith to Your Word as he touched the hearts of many. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Divine illumination touches my heart from:
God in Heaven
Jesus Christ in My Heart
His Holy Spirit in My Soul
The Bible, His Word

I am blessed with inspiration and encouragement from:
My wife Maggie
My children Kenny, Reggie, Matt and Melisa
My grandchildren Sierra, Gage, Aliyah, Ava and Sophie
My Mom, Betty Chatham, Brother Richard Lyle Sanders and my Uncle Dan and Aunt Judy Wilson
Malachi and Martha Sanchez

Charitable organizations we recommend you support:
Rev. John T. Steinbock – Roman Catholic Dioceses of Fresno
Pastor Joel Osteen – Joel Osteen Ministries
Pastor Joyce Myers – Joyce Meyer Ministries
Pastor Michael Youssef – Leading the Way
Rev. R.S. “Bud” Miller and Rev. Betty Miller – Bible.com Ministries
Rev. Bill Bright – Campus Crusade for Christ International
Pastor Duke Marshall – Crossroads Church of Los Banos, CA
Pastor Dennis “Butch” Leek – King’s Harvest Foursquare Church of Terre Haute, IN
Pastor Perry Meade – Church52 of New Palestine, IN
Major John Price – The Salvation Army Crystal Lake
Pastor Seelam Easu Ratnam – Abundant Grace Welfare Association
Starting With God
Family by Choice
Happiness Bag

A special thank you to our extended family and best friends – Charlie & Holli McElvany, Nick & Sally Carlucci, Ike & Helen McElvany, Eddie & Gwen Pena, Tony & Michelle Clement, Steve & Toni Marques, Bill & Eileen Vaughn, Rhett & Arlene Salha, Roger & Michelle Hughes; David & Carolyn Santos; and Brian Endress
My close Christian Brothers and Sisters – Sky & Michelle Florentz, Judy Wyatt Tucker, Brenda & Beth Higgins, Kris Lance Eaton, Pamela Joy Nunes Medeiros, Easa Neimond, Chauncey, Michelle and Caidyn Lee and many wonderful Christian Brothers and Sisters around the world.

Bless you God my Father, Lord and Christ Jesus, Holy Spirit for illumination from Your Word and for everyone that has inspired me to raise His Message for You ministry.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Join us in sharing His Message with the world!
Join us in sharing His Message with the world!

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