A little help to get YOU through the day!

Listen as you read: Grace Like Rain (right click and select “Open Link in a new Tab” to listen as you read His Message for You)


Start your day with a goal to put someone else first. Do at least one thing that will benefit another and make it a point to be one of the first things you do that day. Have a soft heart and speak with an uplifting tone and response to everyone. At home, at work, in the crowded store, in the commute traffic, everywhere. Have a spirit of caring and grace and you will receive…

Favor in High Places

Proverbs 22:11 ” One who loves a pure heart and who speaks with grace will have the king for a friend”


Today, don’t live another minute in regret, guilt, or despair. It may seem hard to believe and understand, but actually you no longer have to even think about these emotions. Oh, you will have them, but God will now handle them for you. Stay focused on caring, speaking soft and with an uplifting response in every conversation, on every issue discussed, even the hard ones. Reach out to make someone’s day better. Even when you may not like the position it leaves you in, perhaps not where you want to be in “Life“. Think positive and speak gracefully, offer grace to others and just watch what happens. You yourself will receive a…..

Increase of Grace

Romans 5:20 ” …But where sin increased, grace increased all the more”


Be ready for a whole new experience in life! You will now have a great awareness of something special about YOU! You will notice others respond to you differently and you will also notice you have something to offer people around you, or at work, or even to the world. A gift you may have not known about, or how to use it in a productive meaningful way. All of a sudden your gift is recognized by others and you know it! You see the value. This is grace! This is His GRACE! Working in you and through you to reach others. Just imagine, God is working through you just by sharing a value of grace to others. Why? Because this is what God gives us! This is all we need to have peace, joy and happiness in our lives. It may start out slow, but trust me, just try it and you will find yourself easily accomplishing things in areas of your life you could not have imaged. This is because your use of grace, which any grace in the world is actually from God, is God now being in you and showing the world YOUR….

Gifts by Grace

Romans 12:6 “We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us…”

and Finally

Know that even with this knowledge of the power of Grace and the gifts you desire to share, we may still find ourselves weak or overwhelmed at times. We may be experiencing one of the most difficult times in our life or facing our biggest challenges ever. Jut remember, God has given us His grace to carry us through these difficult times and empower us to be victorious each day. His grace is sufficient, it is enough and will provide you with all that you need. You will never face anything that God’s Grace cannot empower you to move through.

With just a little Faith and by simply accepting His Grace you will have new found gifts, power, and courage. You will feel an increase in your own understanding and wisdom. You will communicate easier with others and feel a true desire to offer something to help others, your gift.

You will know that each day you will be comforted and protected by His…

Sufficient Grace

2 Corinthians 12:9 “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness…

Father, bless each of us with the ability to start each day remembering Your Grace is ours, free, with no obligation. There is nothing we can do ourselves to earn it. You have already given it to us. We only need to accept it, with just a little faith and our days will be filled to abundance with all of your blessings and Your Grace will fall down upon us like rain and will shine from us for all to see.

In Your Name’ Christ and Lord Jesus we pray, Amen

Author: His Message for You

Author of The Meaning of Life, Living Hope, Understanding Changes, I Can Choose Myself -- Most of us are always pursuing the best for ourselves, our families and our “Life”. We sometimes think about and even consider the “religious” way of life, but are challenged by the seemingly odd or rigorous traditions, fanciness, reactionary and emotional behaviors we see going on in church, on television and even from folks standing on the corner or knocking on our doors. In today’s world of technology and information, we can easily educate ourselves and make our own decisions. Which we enjoy, and we should! If you are thinking about how religion, or in an easier term to understand, a spiritual life can help you, start with the simplest (and absolutely most important) information. His Message for You is here and ready for you now!!!!!

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