“…here is my gift for you, which you deserve…..”

"Receive it now!"
“Receive it now!”
Are you wondering how this week will turn out? If things are difficult for you this Christmas, you are not alone. Many of us are not where we thought we would be in life. We feel like we should be doing more, providing more, giving more and living a better life.

Well, this Christmas accept a special gift. Just for you!

Now you can have everything you need….

Matthew 21:22 “If you believe, you will receive…

Father, we pray today Your message is received and You help us let our faith in You provide all that we need, in Your Glory. Amen

Author: His Message for You

Author of The Meaning of Life, Living Hope, Understanding Changes, I Can Choose Myself -- Most of us are always pursuing the best for ourselves, our families and our “Life”. We sometimes think about and even consider the “religious” way of life, but are challenged by the seemingly odd or rigorous traditions, fanciness, reactionary and emotional behaviors we see going on in church, on television and even from folks standing on the corner or knocking on our doors. In today’s world of technology and information, we can easily educate ourselves and make our own decisions. Which we enjoy, and we should! If you are thinking about how religion, or in an easier term to understand, a spiritual life can help you, start with the simplest (and absolutely most important) information. His Message for You is here and ready for you now!!!!!

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