Father’s Day Prayer

Posted: June 19, 2011 in Michael K Sanders
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Today is our special time to acknowledge our fathers. For all they do and for who they are in our lives. We as fathers often know, as we grow, why we are fathers, why we do the things we do, and we notice a love within us that is hard to describe with words. In this world at times, we do not or cannot act on our love, but inside us, and always, it is there. As we grow that love reaches out of us supernaturally and beyond our control, to do what love does, reach the ones it is intended for. Naturally for fathers, this love is for their children and the ones they love as their children. This is what we do as fathers.

"You can give them everything, through Me"

Take a moment and understand where this unending, supernatural, overwhelming, uncontrollable and ever growing love comes from. You may already know this and God bless you for that, or this may be a defining moment in your Life and guess what, God will bless you for that!

Yes, this love is from God. Amen, this love is God. Knowing this and accepting it will be the most significant decision and action you ever take in your life!

And as a father, know this, when you do you will do more for your children then you could have ever imagined…. and I can testify, it is TRUE!

Psalm 115:14 The LORD shall increase you more and more, you and your children

Be the best father ever, let God reach out from you and your children will be blessed. You will receive everlasting grace and mercy and your children and their children, for generations, will know God and He will bless them.

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Father in Heaven, bless us this day to be the best fathers possible by accepting You into our lives and letting You bless our children, …through us.

In Jesus’ Name we pray together as fathers in faith, Amen

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