Yes, it’s that simple – today will be a great day!

"Start each new day with Me!"
“Start each new day with Me!”

His Message for You now is to make this a great day! Set the concerns on your mind this morning aside and let your first thoughts today be “This is going to be a great day”. Know that God’s plan for you starts fresh every morning; a new day, a new “Life“, each and every day something good is going to happen!”

Psalm 68:19 “Blessed be the Lord, Who daily loads us with benefits…”

Amen, my life changed immediately…

…. and so will yours!!!!

Father, our first thoughts today are focused on You and Your Mercy. We open our minds and our hearts to your direction and pray You will pour out Your Mercy upon us and show us ways to be a blessing to others and let them see Your Love and Mercy in us.

In Your Name Christ Jesus, Amen