Yes, it’s that simple – let Him handle it!

"I will handle all of your struggles"

Psalm 31:7 “I will be glad and rejoice in Your unfailing love, for You have seen my troubles, and You care about the anguish of my soul”

With our faith in Him, Christ cares about everything in our life, everything. Every wrong and every unfair situation. He said, “I have come down to deliver you.” He will vindicate us and He will vindicate you!

If you have been wronged, trust that you can release any bitterness or anger and not have to waste any time in your life considering how to get back at someone. Give it to God and let Him do it His way. He’ll return to you double with His mercy, grace, joy and peace.

He knows our situations and the struggles of our hearts. Release the struggles to Him and let Him reward you with His everlasting promises.

I know He will always…..

Father, we choose to release the struggles in our hearts and the pain from the offenses and wrongs done to us. We choose forgiveness and peace and know that You vindicate us because You love and care for each and everyone of us.

In total and complete faith we pray in Your Name, Christ and Lord Jesus. Amen