Ever wonder… “How do I change and live a better life?”

“Only I, will lift you from the nature of sin.”

It seems to be a fact of life that when we want to do what is right, we inevitably do what is wrong. We love to do God’s will; but something else deep within us, in our lower nature, is often at war with our mind and draws us to the sin that is still within us. In our minds we want to be God’s willing servants but instead, at times, we continue to struggle with sin.

Romans 8:7 The old sinful nature within us is against God. It never did obey God’s laws and it never will…

So you see how it is: our new life tells us to do right, but our old nature, still inside us is drawn to sin.

We are in a difficult predicament. Who can free us from this lower nature? From this struggle where we are so……

Romans 7:25 Thank God! It has been done by Jesus Christ our Lord. He has set us free.

Romans 8 has wonderful news: So there is now “no condemnation” awaiting those who belong to Christ Jesus. Through His life-giving Spirit – and this power is ours through Christ Jesus – has freed us from sin.

Romans 8:1-4 ……So now we can obey God’s laws if we “follow” after the Holy Spirit and no longer obey the old evil nature within us.

Wonderful! The Holy Spirit supplies power for us to live as a “Spiritual” person. A Christians life is not established through “our own” efforts but by His power in us!

If you understand this, at this point, you are ready to understand The Meaning of Life.

Now we can trust Jesus to live His “Life” through us. He alone will enable us to live a supernatural life, through the power of the Holy Spirit, the “Christian” life.

By faith we can experience God’s love and forgiveness and live as a spiritual person. Faith pleases God. Faith built on the truth and knowledge that Jesus lives in us. We place your faith in our trustworthy God and His Word.

By faith we can declare “the truth” in what Jesus Christ has said and done for us. By faith we can view ourselves as God views us, as His children – loved and forgiven. By faith we can confess and change and by faith we accept God’s forgiveness.

Faith that the Holy Spirit is God. He is a person possessing a will, intellect and emotions. He is the third person of the Trinity – co-equal with God the Father and God the Son. There is only one God, who manifests himself in three persons, the Trinity.

Now we have declared that Jesus lives in us, we have faith that Jesus is God. The Holy Spirit is God. God is God and lives in us. With the Holy Spirit, we now can live a Spiritual life!!!!

The Holy Spirit came to glorify Christ and to “lead” believers into “all truth”.

Now this is where it can be difficult for many of us unless we have an understanding and a solid faith in the last three paragraphs; hearing His Word, understanding His Spiritual guidance and knowing we are living in His Spirit. We must stand firm in this!

The pace at which many Christians mature in this understanding varies and most are still overly burdened by carnal and worldly influences and control. We who understand (by God’s Will) should now have patience with our Brothers and Sisters as they mature, and with humility we should nurture others on their path to understanding and continue to “let Him” lead them through us. We are His servants.

We receive and live a holy spiritual life only from the help of the Holy Spirit for, “the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.”

To be filled with the Holy Spirit is to be filled with Christ. The Holy Spirit came to glorify Christ. Therefore, we are filled with the Spirit and abiding in Christ. We are walking in the light as He is the light. The word “filling” means to be controlled, one who is led and empowered by the Spirit – the Lord Jesus will live His resurrection life in and through us.

The standards of the Christian life are very high and impossible for us to fully achieve. According to the Word of God, only one person has been able to succeed. That person is Jesus Christ. Now, through His indwelling presence, He will enable all who place their trust and faith in Him to live in His supernatural life.

Letting Jesus Christ live His resurrection and life in and through us, we will bear spiritual fruit as naturally as a healthy vine will bear an abundance of fruit.

Jesus said:

John 15:8 “By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be “My” disciples.”

In Jesus’ name I declare what I share with you to be from His Holy Spirit that lives in me, and I am thankful to be His servant.


Yes, it’s that simple – He is faithful… and just!

It happens to each of us. We live as humble and “right” as possible and then, to our surprise, we are wronged. How can this happen to us? We find it hard to believe that people can live with an intentional disregard for integrity and have such a non causative (irresponsible) nature. Those not walking in His Spirit and in Faith will do this and when we interact with them we are exposed to their worldly nature. In response, by our own human nature and pride, we take exception to this, experience a sense of disbelief, and often feel like we are…..

As Christians and with Guidance and Wisdom form His Holy Spirit, we can handle these situations because His Word tells us:

Luke 18:7 “And will not God bring about justice for His chosen ones, who cry out to Him day and night?”

Even though our feelings and emotions are stirred up by those who caused us pain, took advantage of us, or wronged us, we are blessed with an understanding of the cause of the nature of these individuals. The Bible explains, the enemy prowls around like a lion ready to pounce and he will take advantage of others to attack you!

1 Peter 5:8-9 “Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings.”

When we know this and stand firm in our faith, God is faithful to us. He gives us a proper and right understanding, as well, the ability to overcome or a least move past the attack (the intent to inflict pain or suffering from another person) and to understand the source of the human nature used against us.

We pray for strength and understanding to move past the feeling and emotion we experience when we are judged or wronged. We pray for the person who judged or wronged us, because we now know the source of the attack, it is the enemy. We must pray for them because, even though they are not aware, they are in the worst situation of suffering possible. Under the influence and control of the enemy.

We cannot address this with our own effort alone, we have to hand this over to the power of God. He will bless us with understanding, reward us for our faith and in His time, He brings justice.

Know today that God already has a plan; He already knows the future, and He will bring about justice! Before eternity is through, He will right the wrongs that have been done to us.

Father we release our cares and concerns for situations and peoples behavior that is beyond our control. We trust that You are in control for our good and You are bringing justice to us. Thank You for Your goodness and faithfulness in our lives.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen