Sunrise Series – A Spiritual Relationship

Posted: November 9, 2013 in Michael K Sanders

Amen, it is a wonderful new day! Start each and every day knowing you are blessed in a Spiritual relationship! Christ has led us to provide this Sunrise Series of messages to help you understand how a Spiritual relationship is available to us now and will ensure we all receive His Message and live a “Life” where healing, comfort, peace, happiness, joy, love and prosperity is ours forever!

Ministers, Pastors and those God is leading to serve and share with others, we pray this series allows you to easily share His Message in sermons and ministry group sessions.

Father, we pray Your Message will be shared with the world and we know You will bless us as we allow our hearts, minds and souls to follow Your calling.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen

  1. 笹嶋舞子 says:

    I want to serve you Lord becouse I cant do nothing withoutyou but with you Oh Lord I can do all things Lord you are my all in all I will praise you forever in my life!


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