Yes, it’s that simple – Let Him fight your battles!

"Stay positive, we will win!"
“Stay positive, we will win!”
Feeling like the world is against you, people are criticizing you, wondering how or why you are in your current situation? Feeling like you have to make excuses or even blame others? The enemy is continuously and constantly using our own thoughts and emotions to attack us. Especially as we mature in our Spiritual relationship. Yes, things may not be going well, in fact we may be at our weakest or lowest points and are frustrated and angry. In faith, we have the supernatural power of the Creator of all that is! We can overcome our thoughts and emotions. We can rise above our anger and frustration. We have Hope and we can choose a life that does not depend on anything or anyone in this world. We have the awesome power and blessings from the One who has overcome this world!

Exodus 14:14 “The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace and remain at rest”

Father, thank You for fighting our battles! Bless us with the strength to look above this world and only to You. Bless us with a Life where we continuously and constantly depend on You. All glory and honor is Yours as You WIN on our behalf and we receive your blessings of peace, joy and prosperity! On earth as it is in Heaven!!

In Jesus’ Name we pray in faith, Amen