Want a new start in Life?

Only takes a few minutes……


Lord, my life to this point has been up and down. I may have not always had my trust in You and even doubted You at times. I now know that You came to earth by the power of God. That You lived as a man. That You suffered by the hand of man and You were hung on a cross to die. Your suffering and Your death on the cross was the death of and forgiveness for my sins. All of them, before, now and forever.

Thank you Jesus for forgiving me before I ever sinned! Jesus, You overcame death and live again, even today You Live. Your resurrection and Life is my salvation. I believe Your promise that as You overcame this world, so too, I can overcome anything I face, when keeping faith in You as my Savior.

Lord Jesus Christ, I accept you as my Savior. I believe in Your forgiveness and Your Life forever. With this prayer I now know I am in Your Spirit and You are in me.

Amen, forever now we are one, in Your Holy Spirit!

God, I know you already know my many needs and troubles and will take care of them as I accept You and I will trust in Your Word always.

In Your Name Lord Jesus Christ I pray, Amen

35 thoughts on “Want a new start in Life?”

  1. What is fast loaded is equally fast unloaded. If you take the gospel as “fast-food” consumerism, it’s better for you to prepare yourself for backsliding sooner than later. There is POWER of salvation, for the asking, in Christ’s death on the cross. God bless!


  2. Am very happy about this page.. Every morning I wake up to read this page and feel motivated to face life’s challenges.. Thank you for letting me in to survey the hidden truths to people who are lost in their own world with so much of problems related to their lives.. count me one of them.. I’m deep moved by the way this particular page which appropriates ones life…and encourages me to live life one day at a time….


  3. Lovely. Thank you for sharing. I know that Jesus has paid the price for me, and that because I Him I am forgiven. The hardest thing for me has been to forgive myself for the stupid things that I have done, and the hurtful things. Sometimes all I can do is say, “God, please make me willing to forgive myself and get past this.” KNOWING He has forgiven me, and loves me that much, it helps. My biggest enemy sometimes is me… but I guess that’s what the devil tries to do, reminds us of our flaws and make us feel bad and sad, whereas Jesus tells us how much he LOVES us and to follow and trust in HIM. Jesus, thank you for being the light in this dark world, and for brightening my soul. I love you and I need you, always ❤ xoxox


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